Powder coating of metal

Powder coating is a layer of polymer powders, which are first sprayed onto the surface of the product, and then polymerized at a certain temperature in a special oven (polymerization oven).

The demand for quality powder coating services is confirmed by Edemchik's own experience. The main activity of the parent company "Edemchik" is the production of modern office partitions.

The company's customers are the largest Western and Russian companies, which, when buying products of the highest quality, know what a high-quality surface of products is.

After the launch of production in Ukraine in 1999, one of the most significant problems was the lack of coatings and production equipment capable of meeting the requirements of the company.

After analyzing the results of cooperation with existing suppliers, in order to improve quality, efficiency and commitment, it was determined that with the right technology, equipment and business approach, the powder coating industry will be in demand not only by Edemchik, but also by other manufacturing companies that value quality (price / quality incl.). In 2002, a decision was made to establish a separate powder coating shop, and in May 2003 the company completed its first painting order.

One of the main criteria when choosing equipment and machinery was belonging to the category - "the best". To ensure the main critical stages, the equipment of the world leader of the Swiss company GEMA was chosen. Despite the fact that it was the most expensive equipment with similar parameters, the company focused on stable quality and performance.

Another important parameter was the surface preparation process. Our requirement was to provide the highest possible grip and at the same time ensure an environmentally friendly production. And this problem has been solved. Another mandatory parameter for customers was the efficiency of work, directly related to the convenience of the location.

Specialists are ready not only to discuss individual price conditions with you, but also to help organize the delivery of products and give competent recommendations on choosing a color and how to prepare the product for painting.

Our advantages
A short time
We have several powder coating lines and the paint is always in stock.
3 years warranty
For powder peeling, incl. for two-color painting
Quantity Discounts
The amount of the discount depends on the size of the order.
Quality assurance
painting experience over 10 years
Painting in any RAL color
as well as exclusive colors and textures
Reliable protection
Reliable corrosion protection
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