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Strong Innovative Young Business

Eastar Capital delivers efficiency in innovative markets using own program solutions in a continuous trading process.

In June 2020, uniting a group of ambitious shareholders, Eastar leaders invested in the future, leveraging the power of a group of Singaporean Developers to profit from trading operations in global markets.

Presentation Financial Statement 2021
How is it works?

Legal Business Information

Eastar Capital performs and complies with all the legitimate requirements of Singapore

All approaches and solutions are completely legitimate , in accordance with the latest standards of law requirements of Singapore 2021. This includes, official interval financial (IFRS) statements, ACRA certification of the company's registration, other legitimate information.

ACRA Certificate 202017694G

Certificate of Company Incorporation

Eastar Capital
Integrates Its Software With The World's Leading Liquidity Providers

Ready Business Model

Eastar Capital has a stake in the working business using ready-made solutions

Global Assets Access

We are participating in all major global markets thanks to wide range of partners

General fund for investors

Uniting small investments
to achieve big goals

Ready-made Solutions for All

How did we achieve this?

Software for Business

Turnkey solutions for business in the financial industry

Investor solutions

Trust capital management to world leaders

Automated trading algorithms

Based on analysis of millions of transactions

Thriving ecosystem

Successful software solutions for investors and businesses

Solutions that benefit

Leverages the knowledge of world-class developers to improve people's lives

Our unique software is designed to empower businesses by increasing the capital of trading companies using blockchain technologies, while improving our automated trading algorithms.

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Board Of Directors

Our main business unit is located in Singapore at 6 Raffles Quay in the heart of downtown Singapore. This is where operational board meetings take place, and the company's main course is set. In 2020, the Seo of the company gathered the best leaders of Europe, America and Asia in one place, believing that successful company management is possible only through full control of the entire range of business processes

Lim Chuay Suan
Chief Executive Officer

Shi Shilin

Chief Financial Officer

Tang Zan

Chief Security Officer

Zhang Xin

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Miles

Chief Strategy Officer

Emmie Brewer

Chief Marketing Officer

Yang Fu

Chief Investment Officer
John Calloway
Chief Development Officer

Development Department

Eastar development specialists have at least 10 years of experience in the field of blockchain development, specializing in the development of applications and blockchain architectures and web interfaces. Our experts will help you find a solution for your business of any size

Kris Rogers

Head of Software Dev

Chang De

Software Engineer

Ewan Daniels

Software Developer

Mo Ling

Blockchain Senior Developer

Peter Brandson

Blockchain Senior Engineer

Randy Barnes

Web Development

Zhou Yijun

Web Development

Yeop Chin Mae

Web Development

Investor Relations Department

Eastar Investor Relations Managers help support releasing information, handling inquiries and meetings, providing feedback to management, and crisis management

Zeng Yi Xin

Head Investor Relations

Wu Yang

Representative of Asia
Harold Smith
Representative of Europe

Mick Bowman

Representative of US

Lian Xuefeng

Investor Relations Manager

Arianne Ramirez

Investor Relations Manager

Stiven Douglas

Investor Relations Manager

Chia Rui Lin

Investor Relations Manager

Information Security Department

You can't build a successful business without worrying about security. We work with world-class specialists who protect the product from cyber attacks, protect rights on the Internet, and are responsible for maintaining and monitoring security

Adriano Carlos

Head of Information Security

Christophe Leon

Product Security Manager

Seon Mun Hee

Blockhain Security Manager

Xun Yazhu

Operation Coordinator

Analyst Department

One of the most important growth factors is the constant analysis of company data. This allows Eastar to find potential problems in time, analyze current news in terms of online monitoring. For this, the company has created an analytics department that is actively functioning in the head office

Craig Wiley

Head of Analyst

Feng Guiying

Business Analyst Manager

Jashanna Ross

Business Analyst Manager

Lim Kang Min

Business Analyst Manager

Lye Yong De

Market Data Analyst

Mao Yu

Market Data Analyst

Aladdin Sinai

Market Data Analyst

Aden Moussa

Market Data Analyst

Trading Department

Department of monitoring and trading in the main securities markets, as well as in the cryptocurrency markets. All Eastar traders are thoroughly screened before hiring, have their own internal ratings and must meet global trading ratings. Their goal is to independently execute transactions, as well as control Eastar robots using proprietary software. The sales department also interacts directly with the analysts department. Also Eastar already has over 200 traders with deleted contracts.

Dong Xiang

Head of Trading Operations

Stephan Willer

Head of Risk Management

Rinaldo Verratti

Deputy Head of Trade Ops

Nikolas Koch

Market Trader

Lam Jun Cheng

Market Trader
Leonard Fernandez
Market Trader

Kevin Ming

Market Trader

Jeff Wilbert

Market Trader

Bay Jun Rui

Market Trader

David Shepherd

Market Trader

Du Zan

Market Trader

Geoffrey Clark

Market Trader

What People
Say About Our

I am a representative of the fund management company KSL Investment. Eastar is our key partner, with whom we have managed to cooperate for more than 4 months. Our company needed technological and strategic support. Eastar has proposed a number of technological solutions in the field of blockchain, and we see the result, which already today allows KSL to introduce blockchain technologies into its environment.
Johnnie Welch
KSL Investment CEO
Can say only good things to say about Eastar I've used Eastar for half a month now. I've done tons of transactions between withdrawals and deposits and I've never had an issue. I've recommended Eastar to all my family and friends that are in crypto, and they all love it as well. The interest payments are a saviour for someone like me that is between jobs. I also have a crypto trading bot through Eastar it's an awesome experience. Thank you!
Lucas Parsons
In such a short time it could become one of the best investment companies. I am confident that my money is safe, as money has always been withdrawn without problems. Of course, I would like to be able to make transfers to several payment systems at once, but I hope that the developers will add this feature in the future. Overall, everything is good. I am grateful to this company for an additional opportunity to earn money.
Alfie Power